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Adventure Camps

The aim of our Adventure Camps is to provide a weekend away from the chaos of daily life, promoting a clean and sober lifestyle and doing activities that challenge us to become better, stronger people and overcome our fears. The camp activities are closely linked to the theme and the message of the camp, so that the activities serves as symbols of Biblical life principles.

Some of the camps we’ve done include the Leap of Faith, of which the main activity is bungee jumping, the Eagles Wings camp where we take the guys on a micro-lite flight, the Fishers of Men camp, where we go scuba diving and the Open Grave camp of which the main activity is a wild cave expedition. For upcoming camps and other events, please visit the Christian Friendship Community.

Friendship Groups


We host weekly support groups for ex-addicts known as Friendship Groups. We believe that fellowship is essential for every Christians spiritual growth and friendship and support is equally important in an ex-addicts recovery process. As Christians, we believe that we are Gods church and we function as a whole in relationship to one another. Therefore we find strength and support through fellowship with other believers.

Our Friendship groups are very informal and everyone is welcome to share what’s on their heart and talk about the challenges they are facing, this way we can offer advice, support and guidance. We introduce ourselves as, “Hi, I’m John and I’m a new creation in Christ”, because we don’t believe that addiction is a lifelong problem that one has to live with, we believe that the power of God can completely set one free from addiction. 2Corintians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” Our aim is not to dwell on our addictions, but rather to focus on our relationship with God, because we believe that recovery is the fruit of a good relationship with God and a healthy spiritual life. Therefore we also do short Bible teachings especially aimed at giving guys the Biblical tools to help them with the problems they are facing.

We firmly believe that it is ultimately up to each addict to make the change. The guys that we’ve seen overcome their addictions are guys who make solid positive choices and we can’t make those choices for them, we can only guide them in the right direction. Therefore we really aim at empowering people with the Biblical knowledge to help them make positive choices.

Contact us for info on how to get involved in a friendship group.

SMS Ministry

“Gods love has no limit, Gods grace has no measure, Gods power knows no boundaries. – Remember Friends Group tonight 7pm at Hospice, Lynnwood Road. See you all there!” – a typical SMS sent to all members.

Meri Styer inspires all our members of the Christian Friendship Community with weekly messages of encouragement reminding us of God’s love for each one of us.

SMS messages to all members plays a major role in keeping everybody up to date of what is happening, where and when

Public Speaking Ministry

As many of us come from a past of drug and alcohol dependence, we feel that it is our responsibility to share the things that we’ve learned on our journey to recovery with others. We speak at rehabilitation centres on a regular basis and we also speak at youth groups, churches, schools or wherever we get the opportunity to share a message of hope and encouragement.

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