About the Adrian Styer Foundation

Friendhips in and through Christ our Saviour.

About the Foundation

Our mission is to be a support structure for persons who are currently struggling with substance dependency or who are in recovery and need guidance and assistance. We aren’t however limited to or discriminating against anyone who doesn’t have a substance dependency problem. We make ourselves available to anyone who is in need.


The foundation is Jesus Christ and we base our work on our Christian faith and values. With the people that form part of our ministry we build the living body of God’s kingdom. We aim at equipping people with solid values and beliefs to successfully blend back into society as useful and accountable citizens.

Goals & Objectives

To provide a platform for people to form healthy friendships, which creates a support structure for recovering addicts and is conducive to their recovery and spiritual growth. We provide this platform through weekly support groups, adventure camps  & other social events.

To place people who struggle with substance dependency in rehabilitation programs and make funds available for those who are unable to afford such programs.

To make funding available for rehabilitation centers and shelters who assist us in helping our people.

To provide counsel for those in need and provide them with Biblical tools to overcome the obstacles in their lives and become the people that God destined them to be. We visit people in rehabilitation clinics, prisons and anywhere we can to offer them encouragement.

To reach out to boys and young men in underprivileged areas, where drugs and gangs are prevalent, through the God’s Army Kickboxing project. This project is aimed at instilling good values in the lives of young boys and teaching them discipline, self-respect and respect for others through the  medium of Kickboxing, which is attractive to young men.

To provide social events, which are conducive to the recovery process as one of the challenges that recovering addicts face is that society doesn’t cater for people who struggle with substance dependency. This makes it hard for them to have a healthy social life free from the negative influence of alcohol and drugs.

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